Breakfast House Specialties

House Made Gritwurst – With two eggs and toast ..$4.25

Stuffed French Toast (Two French toast stuffed with cream cheese and topped with strawberries or blueberries and whipped cream) .. $4.25

McBev Sandwich (Choice of meat, one hard cooked egg topped with cheese and served on an English muffin) .. $3.60

Denver Sandwich (One scrambled egg with ham, green pepper and onion mixed in, served on Texas toast) .. $3.75

Breakfast Burrito (Two scrambled eggs with onions and green peppers mixed in, jalapeno bacon and cheddar cheese wrapped in a tortilla and served with salsa) .. $5.99

The Mess (Hash browns, diced ham or sausage, onions, and two eggs all messed up together and served with toast) .. $6.85

The Barnyard (Hash browns, choice of meat, and scrambled eggs all stacked up and topped with cheddar cheese sauce, served with toast) .. $7.25

The Nest (A pancake with choice of meat and one egg cooked inside) .. $4.99

  • 221 Bush Street

    Red Wing, MN 55066

    (651) 388-5227

    Mon-Thurs: 5 AM - 3 PM

    Friday: 5 AM - 8 PM
    Sat: 6 AM - 2 PM

    Sun: 8 AM - 1 PM

  • Coffee Prices

    1 Cup ... $1.50 with 2 refills
    1 Hour ... $25.00
    Half The Morning ... $50.00
    All Morning ... $150.00
    All Day ... Eleventy Billion Dollars
    $300.00 Allows 1 hour to go home for lunch.
    Spoon knockers, cup wavers, whistlers, thumb snappers and lid snappers all pay double!
    Ask about our weekly rates...

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