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Proud to be the oldest restaurant in Red Wing, Minnesota, we also have the best group of regulars in town, too! We see these loyal customers every morning and at lunch. We know many of you by name, and how you take your coffee. Bev’s Café is always happy to greet new faces and provide a dash of Southern (Minnesota!) charm. All customers are treated like old friends whether we’ve known you for years or you’re just passing through town.

Bev’s isn’t owned by Bev anymore, but Shelley and Roger Diercks have been keeping Bev’s Cafe open and growing for a few years now. Our commitment to downtown Red Wing, the locals and regulars makes us a fun and unique diner. Travelers and visitors can get the best taste of life here in Red Wing. We offer great value and generous portions. Arrive hungry, leave with a smile.

Seasons come and go, but we plan to stay the most popular local diner in downtown Red Wing. We’re proud of our local Red Wing restaurants and hope you’ll stop by for the kind of food you love. Tip: Remember to bring your cash. It will save us all from some awkward moments. We do have an ATM on site if you find yourself in a pinch.

Join us at Bev’s Café to get a great bargain for your buck, historical charm, and the best no-fuss coffee in Red Wing. (Once you’ve finished your chores, of course.)

“The Regular” Coffee Deal
1 cup with 2 refill • $1.75
1 hour •$25.00
Half the morning •$50.00
All morning •$150.00
All day• Eleventy Billion Dollars
$300.00 allows 1 hour to go home for lunch
Spoon knockers, cup waivers, whistlers, thumb snappers and lid snappers ALL pay DOUBLE!!
Ask about our weekly rates

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